About (old)

Adaptive Trails is about helping people with disabilities get outside and participate in trail sports. Our current focus is off-road handcycling, which is essentially adaptive mountain biking. We support and encourage responsible riding, and are actively working with various organizations and government agencies to provide education about trail access for all.

Is this an organization?

Right now, no. Adaptive Trails is “just a website” that resulted from conversations between two guys who use wheelchairs due to spinal cord injuries: Scott Pruett (of The Universal Design Project) and Jake O’Connor (of ReActive Adaptations). It’s a place for riders to share experiences and learn about trails around the United States. It’s also a resource for various organizations and government agencies to learn about what the disability community needs in regard to trail design.

What’s the future hold?

We’re not sure yet. We have some crazy ideas but have limited capacity. Interest in adaptive trail sports is growing, slowly but surely. You should like our page on Facebook to keep up to date: facebook.com/adaptivetrails. Got questions? Email Scott: scott.pruett@gmail.com