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Approved Trail Systems

The following trails have been vetted by the coalition and are approved for adaptive athletes:

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Recommended Equipment

ReActive Hammerhead

Full-suspension offroad handcycle designed for riding in the prone position. Puts body weight over the crank set for added power. Electric assist optional.

Learn More: ReActive Adaptations

ReActive Mako

The ultimate, capable, rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle with suspension at all three wheels. Traction and hill climbing with a rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle are second to none. Electric assist included. Quad options.

Learn More: ReActive Adaptations

Bowhead Reach

Full-suspension, fully electric recumbent bike, ridden from a seated position. Plenty of power to keep up with able-bodied riders at speed. Articulating front end. No hand cranks. Quad options.

Learn More: Bowhead Corp

Bowhead RX

Recumbent rear wheel drive handcycle with full suspension and an articulating front end. Electric assist amplifies arm power up to 3.5x. Nimble and agile. Great for gravel, XC, and singletrack.

Learn More: Bowhead Corp

Sport-On Explorer

Full suspension offroad handcycle, ridden in prone position. Similar to the Hammerhead, but wider. Electric assist optional.

Learn More: Sport-On

Lasher ATH-FS

Full suspension magnesium frame handcyle. Adjustable depth and seat back angle. Front wheel drive. Electric assist optional.

Learn More: Lasher Sport


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