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Lilly Lake Trail (not Splains Gulch Road side)

Lilly Lake is one of my fav’s and it’s because it’s short, sweet and no one is there. Starting at the parking lot (more like a turn around area with a trailhead sign), start up

Lower Loop

Note, this is Lower Lower Loop, not to be confused with Upper Lower (do not do as this is a very advanced trail) or Upper Upper which is located on Mt Crested Butte above the

Tectonic Shift – Oil Well Flats

A fantastic desert trail that you can ride almost year around.  It’s wide single track, almost double track in some spots.  You will encounter rocks in the trail that you will have to crawl over.

Mary’s Loop – Kokopelli Trail System

Mary’s Loop is a fantastic trail…..BUT it’s very difficult to rate.  Here is why. The beginning of this trail is fairly easy with some loose rocky sections, some 8-12″ steps and some easy off camber

Strand Hill / Canal Trail

What an awesome trail, but you have to work for it! Over 1000′ of climbing starts this ride but the single track you reach is well worth it. All of this trail is single track