Category: Adaptive Level 4

Ice Lake – Yellowstone National Park

The Ice Lake Trail in Yellowstone National Park* is a short out and back to a picturesque lake and back-country campsite 4D3. The campsite is an accessible back-country campsite with an accessible pit toilet and

Lake Jesup Wilderness Area

The Lake Jesup Wilderness Area contains a number of trails that offer riders a chance to explore swamplands on the north shore of Lake Jesup. Two ‘lollipop’ type loops begin from the Lake Jesup Park

Smuggler Mountain Rd/Trail

Smuggler Mountain Road (aka Smuggler Mountain Trail) is a well maintained dirt road that climbs up from Aspen.  It is popular with hikers and mountain bikers.  The trail is mostly hardpack, with a few loose

Puzzle Creek (Flathead National Forest Service Trail 569.1)

The Puzzle Creek Trail (Flathead National Forest Service Trail 569.1) is a gated forest service road that penetrates deep into the Flathead National Forest offering a secluded ride and frequent views of Slippery Bill Mountain.

Lid Creek Trail

The Lid Creek trail (National Forest Development road 2817) is a moderately easy out and back with high quality views of Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse reservoir from a bench near the midpoint of