Category: Adaptive Level 9

Doris Creek Trail

The Doris Creek trail is a relatively steep trail, made more difficult by the large amount of loose rock which covers the trail. Fist-sized and babyhead-sized rocks make this 1,500 ft climb over 3 miles

Miner’s Loop

The trailhead starts from the main Klondike Bluffs parking lot just outside of Moab, UT to the north. We have been riding it in lollypop style configuration. From the parking lot start out on the

Ramblin Trail

The Ramblin trail in the Navajo RocksĀ trail system is just outside Moab UT. It’s wonderful newer trail with an interesting mix of slick rock, fractured rock and desert sand pits. We have been riding it

Llama Trail

To do as a 5-mile loop park at the Courthouse Butte trailhead, and immediately get on the oddly named “Phone” trail to the Bell Rock Pathway (a very mellow flat dirt path also good for

Slickrock Practice Loop

The Moab Slickrock practice loop is a trail that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. Being from the Rocky mountains in the pacific northwest, the desert red rock is a whole different world! The