Category: Arizona

Adobe Jack

This is a killer out & back with numerous other options – some good, some not, but this one is a stellar technical piece with some super fast flow sections as well as great views.

Arizona Trail – “418 Section”

An excellent trail, perhaps one of the best for ORHC’s or MTBs An excellent shuttle if you can arrange one, if not, parking on Snowball Road at “Aspen Corner” and doing an out & back.

Northern leg of Arizona Trail Passage 28

This is an excellent ORHC ride – while flat, very scenic. Start & finish are 1/4 mile off of Lake Mary Road (county road 3) south of Flagstaff, nearest help or amenities are Mormon Lake

Llama Trail

To do as a 5-mile loop park at the Courthouse Butte trailhead, and immediately get on the oddly named “Phone” trail to the Bell Rock Pathway (a very mellow flat dirt path also good for

Carroll Canyon Loop

From the southern Old Post trailhead, head uphill / north climbing steadily up loose rock and rock ledges on an old road (real old) past the Ramshead trail and the Herkenheimer trail to the Carroll