Category: Colorado

Button Rock Rd to upper Sleepy Lion Trail

Note: this is a hiking trail but is open to adaptive users since ORHCs are considered off-road wheelchairs by Boulder County (I spoke with the local ranger, Jamie, while on this trail and got the

Smuggler Mountain Rd/Trail

Smuggler Mountain Road (aka Smuggler Mountain Trail) is a well maintained dirt road that climbs up from Aspen.  It is popular with hikers and mountain bikers.  The trail is mostly hardpack, with a few loose

Lilly Lake Trail (not Splains Gulch Road side)

Lilly Lake is one of my fav’s and it’s because it’s short, sweet and no one is there. Starting at the parking lot (more like a turn around area with a trailhead sign), start up

Marshall Mesa

Marshall Mesa is a great trail that has a lot of different types of terrain.  It starts off with a short, rocky section (fairly large, fixed rocks), then you can veer left onto the Marshall

Lower Loop

Note, this is Lower Lower Loop, not to be confused with Upper Lower (do not do as this is a very advanced trail) or Upper Upper which is located on Mt Crested Butte above the