Gillbrook Natural Area

This is a series of wide easy trails.  We entered at end of Hercules Dr. near the Coke bottling building, (just down road from Sunny Hollow,) but I’m pretty sure you can enter from park in Winooski and from St. Michael’s College.  There are a number of loops.  Pretty nice spot for beginners to get the feel of a bike.

More Information

Trail Name: Gillbrook Natural Area

Location: Winooski, Vermont  

Type: Wide trail (≥ 30″), Start and end at the same point (Loop)

Rating: Adaptive Level 03

Length: 1 mile…ish

Steepest Section: Mild – under 10º

Most Off-Camber Section: Flat

Terrain: All hardpack

Obstacles: None

Help Needed? Nope

Directions to Trailhead

See above


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