Lagoni Lake Trail (Flathead NF Trail #811)

The Lagoni Lake trail (Flathead National Forest Trail #811) is an out and back through mature and old growth forest to a small lake nestled between two ridgelines. While relatively short, the trail contains numerous technical challenges, making this a great place for riders to practice a variety of medium and advanced skills. The trail is suitable for rear driven handcycles, although front driven bikes are also a possibility with assistance.

The trail begins at the combined trailhead for Lagoni and Finger lakes. At 0.3 miles the trail reaches a ‘+’ intersection, with the Lagoni lake trail continuing straight. From here the trail rises and falls over several small ridges with significant root and rock exposure along the trail. When combined with several off-camber sections, a rider will have to select proper lines and main concentration to avoid tipping over. Fortunately there are no steep drop-offs on either side of the trail so the consequences of a fall here are minimal.

At 1.2 miles the trail reaches the most technically challenging aspect, two stumps that are too far apart to split, yet not close enough to climb over both at the same time. Here a rider will have to high-side the left wheel over one stump, while using the adjacent tree on the right to balance themselves before dropping to the downhill side of the stump.

The remainder of the trail contains some mild root and rot exposure as it descends to the lake which is reached at approximately 1.5 miles. Several campsites sit along the shore of the lake, and the old growth forest here supports one of the largest western larch in the state.

The trail returns in the opposite direction, although this time the most technical aspect will have to be approached going uphill, again climbing a single wheel up one of the stumps while using a free hand to balance and pull yourself using the tree trunk. The rest of the return ride presents minimal difficulty as the most off-camber sections are ridden going downhill.

Date ridden: August 23, 2017

More Information

Trail Name: Lagoni Lake Trail (Flathead NF Trail #811)

Location: Olney, Montana  |  Map

Type: Narrow trail (< 30"), Wide trail (≥ 30″), Start and end at the same point (Out-and-Back)

Rating: Adaptive Level 08

Length: 3

Steepest Section: Moderate – between 10-30º

Most Off-Camber Section: Difficult – over 30º

Terrain: Mostly hardpack, minimal loose sections

Obstacles: Root exposure, Baby heads and/or rock gardens, stumps

Help Needed? Nope

Even more info: Flathead National Forest Lagoni Lake Trail #811

Directions to Trailhead

The trailhead is located on Forest Service Rd #2870. Take Hwy 93 west of Whitefish go approximately 22 miles, turn west at the Upper Stillwater Campground sign, travel 1 mile to the trailhead marked with signs and large boulders.



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