Lower Loop

Note, this is Lower Lower Loop, not to be confused with Upper Lower (do not do as this is a very advanced trail) or Upper Upper which is located on Mt Crested Butte above the Town of Crested Butte.

This is a local favorite and can be ridden from town via the Woods Walk Trail (http://www.cbgtrails.com/) located just above Peanut Lake Road.  This is an Out-n-back trail for most handcyclists.  I would not recommend returning on Upper Lower trail.  Upper Lower is higher up the mountain and is a very off camber (side hilly) trail for handcyclists.

From the parking lot, ride down the road another 500 yards or so to the TH.  The trail splits just after the TH, single track to right and double track to left.  both trails meet up a half mile later.  Once both trails meet up, take the old jeep road another 1/4″ to the entrance of Lower Lower which is right next to the Slate River (there’s typically a sitting bench at the turn).  “Handle Bar Tree” is your first and hardest barrier to get around and I’d classify this as a difficult and very technical move   You may want another rider to help spot you around this obstacle.  After that, you’re home free.  Most of Lower Loop (LL) is flat, rolling single track with some rocks here and there but for the most part is a moderate to easy trail for a moderate rider.  SOME PARTS DO GET SKINNY and are several feet (sometimes 20′) above the Slate River so be careful!  Eventually LL ends right around the old Gunsight Bridge area.

More Information

Trail Name: Lower Loop

Location: Crested Butte, Colorado  |  Map

Type: Narrow trail (< 30"), Wide trail (≥ 30″), Recreation path, Start and end at the same point (Out-and-Back)

Rating: Adaptive Level 06

Length: 4 miles out and back depending….

Steepest Section: Mild – under 10º

Most Off-Camber Section: Mild – under 10º

Terrain: All hardpack

Obstacles: Root exposure, Handlebar tree contains roots and off camber move.

Help Needed? Nope

Even more info: crestedbuttemountainbike.com

Directions to Trailhead

When traveling N on HWY 135 from Gunnison to CB, take a left turn on ELK AVE (the main ave for the Town of CB).  Take Elk to 1st St and take a right turn.  Take 1st until you reach Butte Ave.  Take a left and Butte Ave eventually turns into Peanut Lake Rd (dirt).  Take Peanut Lake Road about a mile North to the public parking lot on the left side of the rioad.  There’s an old shack across the road (the “Alien Shack”) .  Park here and ride down the road about 500 yards to the TH.  Just below the TH the trail splits into a single track (RIGHT) or a nice and easy double track.



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