Marsh Creek has a wide variety of trails from wide firm fire roads to steep climbs with roots grown across for added challenge. Please note: I wrote that “I didn’t need any help” but that may not be the case for beginner riders. You should bring a friend until you feel comfortable with the place. There are some bridges that are too narrow for handcycles down near the dam so just don’t go that way. It over looks Marsh Creek reservoir which offers boating all of sorts (non-power) so it is very peaceful. There are public restrooms plus grills and picnic areas. There is ample parking including two handicapped spots right on the water. Pets are welcome but make sure they are leashed, they do fine people for letting them run free but once you get up to the quarry nobody cares and they can run.



More Information

Trail Name: Marsh Creek

Location: Philly, Pennsylvania  |  Map

Type: wide variety, Start and end at the same point (Loop)

Rating: Adaptive Level 08

Length: 24 miles

Steepest Section: Moderate – between 10-30º

Most Off-Camber Section: Moderate – between 10-30º

Terrain: Mostly hardpack, lengthy loose sections

Obstacles: Root exposure, Brush and/or other growth, Baby heads and/or rock gardens, downed trees

Help Needed? Nope

Even more info: PA Dept of Natural Resources

Directions to Trailhead

The west side parking lot is less busy and provides access to the better trails. Take Reed road from 282 and follow it to the parking lot. From the lot, ride north into the woods (south takes you to the dam and a bridge you cannot fit on. You can get lost so ride with someone who knows the trails.



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