Fun ride through woods.  Narrow bridge at beginning can be bypassed through woods.  One spot between rock and stump too narrow to pass.  Accepted help to get over.  One off camber section was scary but passable.

This trail is maintained by Fellowship of the Wheel.  See their site fore more info.

Update:  There is a spot on the intermediate extension loop by a really kewl stone wall, where I had to go around a narrow rock gap.  easy enough through some leaves and sticks.  There are 2 bridges on Cody’s Loop that are about 34″ wide, (assuming my front wheels are 32″.)  Able to cross, but went slow.  Definitely some off-camber sections that are challenging.

More Information

Trail Name: Mud Pond

Location: Williston, Vermont  

Type: Wide trail (≥ 30″), Start and end at the same point (Loop)

Rating: Adaptive Level 07

Length: 4 miles(?)

Steepest Section: Moderate – between 10-30º

Most Off-Camber Section: Difficult – over 30º

Terrain: Mostly hardpack, minimal loose sections

Obstacles: Root exposure, Brush and/or other growth, Baby heads and/or rock gardens, Drops, ledges, jumps

Help Needed? Yes, a little

Even more info: Fellowship of the Wheel

Directions to Trailhead

See Fellowship of the Wheel site.


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