Rip & Tear

The Rip & Tear trail is a small part of the greater Galena lodge trail system making up approximately 30 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails. The ride starts from the main parking lot of

Prairie Creek

The Prairie creek trail is very technical and will challenge even skilled riders. The trailhead starts from the cul de sac at the main parking lot.  The first portion is brushed lined single track with a doable

Adams Gulch

The Adams gulch trailhead is a popular mountain biking/hiking area just north of Ketchum ID off of highway 75. The canyon has a half dozen trails in it with some of them being more handcycle

Mary’s Loop – Kokopelli Trail System

Mary’s Loop is a fantastic trail…..BUT it’s very difficult to rate.  Here is why. The beginning of this trail is fairly easy with some loose rocky sections, some 8-12″ steps and some easy off camber

Strand Hill / Canal Trail

What an awesome trail, but you have to work for it! Over 1000′ of climbing starts this ride but the single track you reach is well worth it. All of this trail is single track