Bob’s Basin Freeride Trails

Bob’s Basin consists of 4 downhill trails: Crazy 8’s, Drop Out, Ant Farm and Cutthroat. This review details Crazy 8’s and Drop Out (Ant Farm and Cutthroat pose several problems for hand cyclists). There are 2

Big Chief Trail

The Big Chief trail in the Dead Horse Park trail system is just outside Moab UT.  This is a cross country desert style trail where a rider can hold a good pace. We started and ended trial as a

Punchline Trail

The Croy Creek canyon trail system is quite popular because of it’s close vicinity to the town of Hailey. This system is further south and at lower elevations than some of our other trails in

Lower Loop

Note, this is Lower Lower Loop, not to be confused with Upper Lower (do not do as this is a very advanced trail) or Upper Upper which is located on Mt Crested Butte above the

Tectonic Shift – Oil Well Flats

A fantastic desert trail that you can ride almost year around.  It’s wide single track, almost double track in some spots.  You will encounter rocks in the trail that you will have to crawl over.