Llama Trail

To do as a 5-mile loop park at the Courthouse Butte trailhead, and immediately get on the oddly named “Phone” trail to the Bell Rock Pathway (a very mellow flat dirt path also good for

Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs is a great trail that tests handbikers with it’s climbs and turns. It starts from Lower Hulls Gultch trail and finishes when it hits Crestline in the Boise foothills. Max pitch is 15

Chocolate Gulch

The Chocolate gulch trailhead is a popular mountain biking/hiking area just north of Ketchum, ID off of highway 75. I usually ride it as an out and back. Starting at the Chocolate gulch trailhead and

Carroll Canyon Loop

From the southern Old Post trailhead, head uphill / north climbing steadily up loose rock and rock ledges on an old road (real old) past the Ramshead trail and the Herkenheimer trail to the Carroll

Slickrock Practice Loop

The Moab Slickrock practice loop is a trail that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. Being from the Rocky mountains in the pacific northwest, the desert red rock is a whole different world! The