Marsh Creek

Marsh Creek has a wide variety of trails from wide firm fire roads to steep climbs with roots grown across for added challenge. Please note: I wrote that “I didn’t need any help” but that

Marshall Mesa

Marshall Mesa is a great trail that has a lot of different types of terrain.  It starts off with a short, rocky section (fairly large, fixed rocks), then you can veer left onto the Marshall

Avalanche Lake Trail

The Avalanche Lake trail in Glacier National park is a hiking trail leading to spectacular views of Avalanche Lake. The trail begins following the Trail of the Cedars, a wheelchair accessible loop (Adaptive level 1-2)

Smith Lake Upper Loop

The Smith Lake Loop is part of the Swift Creek complex of the Whitefish Trail system. I recommend taking the trail counterclockwise in order to make the bulk of the climb on a hard packed

Miner’s Loop

The trailhead starts from the main Klondike Bluffs parking lot just outside of Moab, UT to the north. We have been riding it in lollypop style configuration. From the parking lot start out on the